Classic Spicy Poached Fish


We're sure you can picture this: it's 6 pm on the longest day ever and you still have things to check off your list, including dinner. In this Jar Goods' take on Marcella Hazan's famous "Fish In Crazy Water," you'll only need to shop for 4 ingredients!  Start to finish, this recipe takes only about 20 minutes and all the magic happens in one skillet! We realize that poached fish may not strike you as all that earth-shattering but trust us - our Classic Spicy lends such savory, intense flavor and whatever mild white fish you use will just soak it up. Our favorite way to serve this dish is in pieces over slices of fresh baguette, but try it over wild rice or wheat berries, or simply serve as a soup! Be sure to source from your finest fish market and leave the skin on!

2 fillets Red Snapper, Grouper, Halibut, Sea Bass, Rockfish or Cod, skin on
1 jar Classic Spicy Tomato Sauce
2 cups water
Fresh chopped parsley
Fresh baguette, wild rice, or wheat berries

Slice your baguette or prepare your rice or wheat berries. In a deep skillet, combine your jar of Classic Spicy and 2 cups water. Heat over medium until simmering. Add your fish fillets, skin side up and not overlapping. Simmer for four minutes. Flip the fillets carefully, add the fresh parsley, season with more spice or salt to your taste. Serve over your choice, and be sure to spoon the sauce over top!

Serves 2. 


Melissa Vitelli