Classic Spicy Tomato Sauce

Jar Goods Classic Spicy premium tomato sauce front label
Jar Goods Classic Spicy premium tomato sauce front label
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Jar Goods Classic Spicy premium tomato sauce - 4 jars
Jar Goods Classic Spicy premium tomato sauce - 6 jars
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Gnocchi and tomato sauce
Meatball sub with Jar Goods tomato sauce
Baked eggs with Jar Goods tomato sauce
Jar Goods Classic Spicy makes a great pizza sauce

Classic Spicy Tomato Sauce

An arrabbiata sauce with just the right amount of spice from red pepper flakes. Jar Goods Classic Spicy tomato sauce will add a balanced heat to any meal.


All Jar Goods pasta sauces feature vine ripened tomatoes from California


Jar Goods tomato sauce has no added sugar


Jar Goods pasta sauces are non gmo project verified where labeled


Jar Goods Classic Red, Spicy and Vegan Vodka sauces are vegan


"One of the 4 best tomato sauces you could EVER buy."

--Men’s Health Magazine

Arrabbiata sauce

Everyone loves a homemade pasta sauce, but sometimes mixing in crushed red pepper brings the needed heat. Who has time to cook a perfectly seasoned spicy red sauce all day? Especially in today's busy world.

That’s where Jar Goods comes in. Our arrabbiata will add a perfectly balanced amount of spice to your next bowl of rigatoni.

We love making life simpler for you — or at least dinner time. We’ve taken our original Classic Red tomato sauce recipe and infused it with warming red pepper. It's slow simmered in small batches with the perfect mix of Italian seasonings and jarred while hot to lock in a homemade tomato sauce taste.

You'll love the taste of a homemade spicy tomato sauce without the effort. We use only the highest quality, non-GMO ingredients to create a gluten free, vegan, arrabbiata sauce.

We don't add any sugar to any of our jars of tomato sauce. Why should we? Our vine ripened tomatoes are sweet enough!

Use Jar Goods Classic Spicy tomato sauce to make the best homemade pizza
Jar Goods Classic Spicy tomato sauce is great for a meatball parm sandwich

Everyone will think it's homemade sauce

Keep a few jars of Classic Spicy tomato sauce in your pantry for when you crave the classic Italian flavors of a homemade tomato sauce. Heat up your penne and spice up homemade pizza night, use it as a chili base, or to start a spicy soup recipe.

If you love eggs in purgatory, this spicy tomato sauce is for you. This will quickly become your go-to spicy pasta sauce in a jar. It’s so good you’ll be tempted to lick the bowl each time you use it — and we encourage that!

Classic Spicy is a vegan friendly tomato sauce making it perfect to use in vegan dinner recipes and a plant based diet.

Jar Goods Classic Spicy tomato sauce is great for a meatball parm sandwich

The first ingredient is tomatoes

We use quality ingredients when making our tomato sauces. Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Water, Olive Oil, Onions, Garlic (less than 1%), Salt (less than 1%), Red Pepper (less than 1%), Black Pepper (less than 1%), Basil (less than 1%), and Citric Acid (less than 1%)

A monthly subscription ensures you'll always have this "angry" sauce at the ready. If you crave a little of everything, try the Jar Goods Variety Pack. 

Need a spicy pasta recipe?

Try this lazy lasagna recipe. Jar Goods Classic Spicy tomato sauce is excellent in all your traditional Italian dishes. Try sautéing portobello mushrooms, making mussels marinara, and baking veggie cakes or crab cakes.

Did we mention homemade pizza? Our Sicilian pepperoni pizza recipe is great for pizza night. View all of our recipes to find more ways to cook with our spicy pasta sauce in a jar.

Classic Spicy premium tomato sauce ingredients
Jar Goods Classic Spicy is works great with seafood for an added kick

Red tomato sauce added benefits

Aside from taste, Jar Goods products come with additional tomato sauce benefits: with only 5 grams of sugar per serving, our customers can enjoy Jar Goods Classic Spicy tomato sauce as part of their Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, Low Glycemic, and Low Carb Diets! It’s about all things delicious with no guilt!

Jar Goods Classic Spicy tomato sauce is great for a meatball parm sandwich

Arrabbiata sauce recipes

Mexican Beef Lasagna with Tomato

Mexican Beef Lasagna with Tomato

Here's a new twist on an Italian classic, Mexican Beef Lasagna with Tomato. Perfect for a hungry family when comfort and quality is top on the list.

Read Mexican beef lasagna recipe
Turkey Chili with Adobo

Turkey Chili with Adobo

Our Classic Red works wonders in many meals and pairs deliciously with adobo sauce in this chili to make a rich, spicy base.

Read turkey chili with adobo recipe
Sicilian Pepperoni Pizza

Sicilian Pepperoni Pizza

The key to this delicious, family pizza night recipe is fresh pizza dough. We get ours from a local pizzeria.

Read Sicilian pepperoni pizza recipe

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Judith H.
delicious jar sauce

The taste, texture and consistency of this sauce are very satisfying. It is my go to spicy sauce.

Geraldine G.
Great Sauce!

I love this spicy sauce and always keep a few jars on hand. When I serve it for guests, they always take a photo of the jar so that they can order some too.
Jeri G.

So delicious!

This was my first time trying this sauce. It was the perfect amount of spice.

Joe C.
My favorite sauce

Spicy is my favorite. Full of deep
flavor, bright red, tastes all natural and home made.
I literally get excited when when I plan dinner using this sauce, and I lick the pan and plate to get every drop. Not kidding.
The only sauce better than my own :)

Renata S.

Ok, Chicha, she called it italian gravy when made like this! Just enough kick to make sure the pasta rolls perfectly over fork! Mmmmmmmm the absolute BEST!

Jim C.
The only jar sauce my kids like

I usually make a simple marinara sauce for my kids, based on my mother’s recipe, but it was getting to be a lot and so I took a gamble on an order of Classic Red & Classic Spicy. It was a huge hit, so now I’m hooked on the subscription, It may cost more than store-bought sauce, but it’s so well worth the time I save compared to making my own for a simple weeknight (or lunch, or second lunch? Teenagers) dinner.

Also, the customer service is amazing! Thank you, Jar Goods!

excellent hot sauce

Ever since going to Umberto's and Vincent's in NYC and Rocco's in Bayonne nj
I'm on the hunt for the real deal sauce.
And this one fits the bill.

No longer available at grocers near me

Almost 9 dollars for shipping, really?! I used to be able to grab this at a few grocery stores near me but sadly they’ve all discontinued carrying it. So here I am contemplating buying online but I’m not sure if I can justify almost 9 dollars for two small jars of tomato sauce! Come on!

Hey Sarah. Thanks for your 5 star review. If you'd like your local grocer to begin carry our products again... ask them! That would be a huge help. As for shipping, I am not sure where in the country you are located but those cost are from UPS or USPS, not us. Jar Goods does not make money on shipping and the shipping charges you see on our website are what it actually costs to ship a 4lbs box to your location from ours. Have a great day.

Kate E.
Best Sauce

Will make anything you make delicious!

Flat out my favorite commercial sauce, EVER.

Exactly the right balance of spicy, sweet and savory, I put it on everything. It's great on pizza, I mix it with mustard and other things for cajun jumbles, its great in pasta.