Jar Goods Wholesale

If you are interested in reselling Jar Goods, you're in the right place. Our premium, certified non-GMO tomato, pasta, pizza, anything sauce will be an wonderful compliment to your existing product catalog. Your customers will thank you!

There are two great ways to stock up on Jar Goods. We have partnered with two new wholesale platforms, Faire & Handshake.


We’re proud to be among the 10,000+ independent brands selling on Faire. It’s free for you to join! Sign up for Faire and you’ll get $100 off your first order and free shipping on all orders you place with us for the next year.


Handshake is new and Jar Goods is thrilled to be one of the first chosen to be on the platform. Visit our shop and take advantage of our best wholesale price available.

If you interested in placing larger orders (i.e. more than 20 cases), please email us at sales@jargoods.com.