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 Sisters-in-law Melissa and Laura Vitelli started Jar Goods with a clear mission - offer delicious, simple specialty foods in jars, stock-able in any pantry and ready in a pinch. Using an initial investment of $150, they began bottling Pa Vitelli's regionally famous tomato sauce by hand and branded it Classic Red. With the release of Classic Vodka and Classic Spicy, Melissa and Laura continue their commitment to offering the best quality foods. Read the full story

Truly, I had no idea tomato sauce could be that good. I donโ€™t know what youโ€™re doing differently than everyone else, but even the aroma wafting out of the bowl is intoxicating. We are hooked.
— Alissa, NYC
I have tried virtually every tomato sauce on the market. The minute I tried Jar Goodsโ€™ sauce, I was hooked. The rich, delicious flavor is absolutely incredible.
— Leslie, New Jersey

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