No Rules! :) Grilled Pizzas 🍕🍽


Don't slave away in the kitchen for even a minute during grilling season!  Get outside and enjoy the weather with our fabulously easy recipe for grilled pizzas.

Part of the beauty of our grilled pizzas is their simplicity.  Make your own dough...or buy it.  Rolled out dough not perfectly circular?  Who cares!  No time to shop for ingredients?  As long as you have Jar Goods in your pantry, you can get creative with toppings.  There are no rules when it comes to grilled pizza!  Keep an eye on our Instagram for our favorite topping combos.

Heat grill on high

Have Jar Goods and all toppings ready

Stretch and / or roll out dough; toss it on and grill to desired done-ness

Remove, flip, and top with Jar Goods and desired toppings

Place topped pizza back on grill, close the lid, and cook for 3-4 minutes

Remove, let cool, slice, and enjoy!

Melissa Vitelli