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Build Your Own 6 Pack

Build Your Own 6 Pack
Build Your Own 6 Pack
Build Your Own 6 Pack
Build Your Own 6 Pack
Build Your Own 6 Pack
Build Your Own 6 Pack
Build Your Own 6 Pack
Build Your Own 6 Pack

Build Your Own 6 Pack


Imagine having all your favorite homemade pasta sauces on hand, whenever you needed to save some time in the kitchen.

"I discovered Jar Goods a few years ago and have been loving their sauces ever since."

Evelyn M. (verified buyer)

Make It Your Own

With this custom 6 pack, you can choose any combination of our 4 delicious flavors to put together 6 of the best jarred tomato sauces you’ve ever tasted. Between the Classic Red, Classic Spicy, Classic Vodka, and Vegan Vodka tomato sauces, you will have plenty of options in your pantry for whenever you crave that homemade tomato sauce taste.

Always Ready

Order this custom 6 pack to always have a few jars on standby for whenever life gets a little too hectic to take the homemade route. You’ll never compromise on quality or taste. Use them with pasta, pizza, casseroles, and more to enjoy classic Italian sensations in a fraction of the time. 

With a monthly subscription, you can save 15% on every order and never be without a jar of this delicious Classic Red Tomato Sauce. 

Made With Quality Ingredients

Vine-ripened tomatoes, pure olive oil, and more combined for a taste that is just like homemade. We've perfected our tomato sauce recipe and jarred it for you to enjoy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Colleen B.

It is very hard to find sauce with no added sugar that also tastes good and this is it! Delicious!!

Megan M.
So tasty!

My go to jar of sauce. I love the classic spicy version. As someone with severe food allergies, it's not always easy to find premade foods that I can eat. So I really appreciate that this brand uses high quality and minimal ingredients to make a super yummy sauce that I can just keep on hand. Delicious to throw in with a lasagna or chicken parm. Great with pasta and so many other things.
Customer service is fantastic. Order arrived with all sauces intact and very timely.
Keep up the great sauce.

Elizabeth W.
Best Sauce In Town

Love the Original Red. Love love the Vodka Sauce. Love love LOVE the Spicy Sauce! The Jar Goods six-pack came well packed, in a timely manner, and is worth every penny. I can only say this because my ancestors are not here to scold me... but this is better gravy (sauce) than the most skilled Nonna can make! Absolutely delicious! Initially purchased as Jar Goods is a Woman-Owned Business. Will be a regular customer because it's just simply delicious!


We tried the Vodka sauce and thought it was delicious.
This was the first time we tried the label and were happy we did.

Philip J.


Mike C.

Great sauces, delicious! Thank you!

Cynthia T.
Hands Down…the BEST

Having been raised by my Sicilian grandmother, who was an excellent cook, I’m mighty picky about sauce. I usually make my own, in part because I’ve found nothing even remotely better. That is until my daughter turned me onto Jar. I still make my own but only occasionally now, and I use ONLY Jar Goods the rest of the time. It’s absolutely delicious. And I have no doubt that my grandmother would approve!

carolyn p.
Best jar sauce

I had to cancel subscription due to finances. Started up again and hoping to maintain as this is the best

Evelyn M.
Best tomato sauce ever

I discovered Jar Goods a few years ago and have been loving their sauces ever since. Fresh, superb flavor and always consistent. I like all flavors, but classic red is what I use most often as it lends itself to adding to so many different dishes. Cooking made easy!

Lora F.
Happy Cook

Jar Goods are a wonderful find for me. I love to cook with the best ingredients and as healthy as possible. I am used to making my own sauces and have found these to be even better. Meals created with them are always enjoyed and complemented. I am a fan of all with Classic Red as my favorite. My family goes for the spicier flavors so there is something for everyone. These sauces are so delicious and worth the price!

Dinner Inspiration

Beef Brisket

Sep 24, 2022 John Vitelli

Jar Goods Classic Red is the perfect tomato base for a slow cooked, super tender beef brisket. This cozy cool weather dish will warm you up!

Garlic Pretzel Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Jun 12, 2022 John Vitelli

For a play on a pork braciole, try this simple and flavorful pairing. Plus, it features two gourmet products that are each made with wholesome ingredients and lots of love.

Eggplant & Zucchini “Parmigiana”

Jun 12, 2022 John Vitelli

This vegan dish makes the perfect summer supper. You can serve it with a salad or a hearty grain like farro (or both). The blend of flavors in this simple plant-based entree will make your tastebuds happy! 

BBQ Chicken

May 28, 2022 John Vitelli

It’s time to take Jar Goods to your next BBQ! Our Classic Red makes the perfect base for a delicious barbecue sauce. For this recipe, we’ve chosen bone-in chicken thighs, our favorite when it comes time to grill.