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Classic Spicy Tomato Sauce


Ok, Chicha, she called it italian gravy when made like this! Just enough kick to make sure the pasta rolls perfectly over fork! Mmmmmmmm the absolute BEST!

Custom 6 Pack
Lora F.
Happy Cook

Jar Goods are a wonderful find for me. I love to cook with the best ingredients and as healthy as possible. I am used to making my own sauces and have found these to be even better. Meals created with them are always enjoyed and complemented. I am a fan of all with Classic Red as my favorite. My family goes for the spicier flavors so there is something for everyone. These sauces are so delicious and worth the price!

Easy and Delicious

Jar Goods claims "that it's created for your busy lifestyle" - and unlike most marketing-speak, here it's absolutely true. When we've all had a busy day as a family, but still want to eat home and as healthy as possible, Jar Goods Classic Red is our go-to. It really is home-cooked sauce in a jar.

The only jar sauce my kids like

I usually make a simple marinara sauce for my kids, based on my mother’s recipe, but it was getting to be a lot and so I took a gamble on an order of Classic Red & Classic Spicy. It was a huge hit, so now I’m hooked on the subscription, It may cost more than store-bought sauce, but it’s so well worth the time I save compared to making my own for a simple weeknight (or lunch, or second lunch? Teenagers) dinner.

Also, the customer service is amazing! Thank you, Jar Goods!

excellent hot sauce

Ever since going to Umberto's and Vincent's in NYC and Rocco's in Bayonne nj
I'm on the hunt for the real deal sauce.
And this one fits the bill.

This is my favorite go-to sauce for everything!

The headline says it all :-) I. LOVE. IT. I share it with all my friends, then promptly explain how they can find it locally or buy it on the website.

Best Red Sauce Ever

My family loves pasta in every shape and size. We were happily using a famous competitors sauce when randomly we came across Jar Goods and their red sauce. Heaven. We fell in love. The rest is history.

Simply the best

I received this for Christmas and now it's the only pasta sauce I will use. It's rich yet light. How do they do that?

Classic Vodka Sauce: our great habit!

We tasted Classic Vodka Sauce about a year and a half ago, and since then will have no other with our pasta! It is light, silken, easy
on your stomach, and is equally good with additions as it is by itself. We order it now in multiple jars, and never want to be without!

Still Salivating

Great product....

Just buy it!

Seriously, it’s amazing. Don’t second guess. Not to mention how cute is the packaging?

You’ll never go back

Once you taste this red perfection, you will NEVER go back to whatever you were buying before. I have searched for years and now my search is over!

The Best Jarred Sauce Ever

Only Sunday gravy from the Italian grandmas in my old neighborhood is better. This is the best jarred sauce by far.

Best Sauce Ever

Just like my grandma used to make. It's so good !

No longer available at grocers near me

Almost 9 dollars for shipping, really?! I used to be able to grab this at a few grocery stores near me but sadly they’ve all discontinued carrying it. So here I am contemplating buying online but I’m not sure if I can justify almost 9 dollars for two small jars of tomato sauce! Come on!

Hey Sarah. Thanks for your 5 star review. If you'd like your local grocer to begin carry our products again... ask them! That would be a huge help. As for shipping, I am not sure where in the country you are located but those cost are from UPS or USPS, not us. Jar Goods does not make money on shipping and the shipping charges you see on our website are what it actually costs to ship a 4lbs box to your location from ours. Have a great day.

Best Sauce

Will make anything you make delicious!

Flat out my favorite commercial sauce, EVER.

Exactly the right balance of spicy, sweet and savory, I put it on everything. It's great on pizza, I mix it with mustard and other things for cajun jumbles, its great in pasta.

The Best!

So glad to finally have a vodka sauce that I can eat! This has such a great flavor. I love it with all types of pasta!


I used this brand, and only this brand when living in Teaneck, NJ. I always had a ready supply. I put it on everything.
Upon moving to southern Florida, and using my last jar, I started to panic.
One call to the company and my new case was on its way.
Thank you I love it


I have tasted alot of tomato sauce home made or jar you can not find any better than this one. The freshness the quality and the taste will hook you. Jargoods has a true winner on their hands. You may think the sauce you are eating is good unless you have tried Jargoods you don't know what GOOD IS.

Makes the best pizza sauce!

Actually the best all around sauce. We use the spicy tomato sauce on homemade pizza and as a pasta sauce.
The taste isn't too spicy at all on pizza. It gives it just the right amount of spice.


This is a wonderfully light and refreshing sauce to use on pasta, bruschetta or just about any recipe that calls for vodka sauce. The flavor enhances the food, it does not overpower it.

I’m very happy to have discovered this brand and look forward to trying other products in their line.

And the company is first class. A terrific all-around experience.

I never craved a tomato sauce flavor as much as I crave this one!

This is SUCH a unique, delicious sauce -- you just have to try it for yourself! I find myself craving it A LOT. It goes perfect with Jovial Pasta Fusilli :)

Happy Cook

This is the best tomato sauce that my family and myself have ever tasted. That includes homemade. The ingredients are healthy and the result is an absolutely delicious and versatile product. So glad to have found jargoods. It upgrades my cooking and is worth the price. As a bonus, great customer service. I order directly from the company.