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Classic Red

The Best! Received our perfectly packed order and will certainly order more, varieties as well, in the future.
Thank you Ladies ❤️

classic red tomato sauce

My favorite. I don’t have to add anything, It is delicious as is

Simply Fresh & Delicious Sauce

Jar Goods sauce is simply the best tasting tomato sauce. Homemade taste and consistancy.

delicious jar sauce

The taste, texture and consistency of this sauce are very satisfying. It is my go to spicy sauce.

Best sauce ever!

All the varieties are great

All varieties are great!

Classic Red Tomato Sauce

The only prepared sauce I have ever liked.
Great flavor, perfect consistency, Pairs well with any type of pasta recipes. Excellent for preparing a quick, last minute dinner…


It is very hard to find sauce with no added sugar that also tastes good and this is it! Delicious!!

Love the sauce - a favorite for the kids


I have been looking for a good vodka sauce, and I’m very particular about it. I finally found it. I LOVE it!

Great Sauce!

I love this spicy sauce and always keep a few jars on hand. When I serve it for guests, they always take a photo of the jar so that they can order some too.
Jeri G.

Classic Red Tomato Sauce - 2 Pack

So tasty!

My go to jar of sauce. I love the classic spicy version. As someone with severe food allergies, it's not always easy to find premade foods that I can eat. So I really appreciate that this brand uses high quality and minimal ingredients to make a super yummy sauce that I can just keep on hand. Delicious to throw in with a lasagna or chicken parm. Great with pasta and so many other things.
Customer service is fantastic. Order arrived with all sauces intact and very timely.
Keep up the great sauce.

Build Your Own 6 Pack
Elizabeth W.
Best Sauce In Town

Love the Original Red. Love love the Vodka Sauce. Love love LOVE the Spicy Sauce! The Jar Goods six-pack came well packed, in a timely manner, and is worth every penny. I can only say this because my ancestors are not here to scold me... but this is better gravy (sauce) than the most skilled Nonna can make! Absolutely delicious! Initially purchased as Jar Goods is a Woman-Owned Business. Will be a regular customer because it's just simply delicious!


The most amazing sauce, the only one I ever want to use.

Love the Sauce!

The Vegan Vodka sauce was exceptionally good—creamy, rich, with a hint of coconut. The marinara was also delicious. I loved having it delivered to the front door. It’s great to keep a few jars in the pantry. There are so many dishes you can whip up for a quick weeknight dinner.


Ever since I had this sauce I could not go back! 😭 Well worth it when it comes down to quality. Honestly unmatched and I hope y’all get to experience that :)


We tried the Vodka sauce and thought it was delicious.
This was the first time we tried the label and were happy we did.


Favorite sauce!

This is my favorite sauce! It’s the best pasta sauce I’ve ever had!

So delicious!

This was my first time trying this sauce. It was the perfect amount of spice.


Great sauces, delicious! Thank you!

spicy is better....

... but you were out... good sauce though...

Best red sauce ever!

The sauce clings to pasta really well. The taste is superb!


I found this at a store and decided I’d give it a try. All the other sauces I got were not what I was looking for.
This sauce reminds me of when I was a child. Going to this one Italian restaurant and the sauce there was wonderful and I have found it again
Thank you so much