Homemade Tomato Sauce Taste in a Jar

Premium ingredients are used in every jar of Jar Goods tomato sauce

For 50 years, Pa Vitelli slow-simmered his tomato sauce recipe to perfection at his restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey. Now, Melissa & Laura Vitelli bring his family red sauce recipe to you. Delicious, simple, and versatile— it’s perfect for your pantry and ready in a pinch.

Pasta sauces that taste just like homemade can come from a jar. The combination of vine ripened tomatoes, basil, olive oil, garlic cloves, onions, black pepper are simmered to perfection. Ready for you to use.

The result is the best tomato sauce in a jar. It's a red sauce that is vibrant, thick and rich, and full of tomato flavor. You will fall in love with Jar Goods.

Punch up your pasta dishes, liven up chicken parmigiana; use Jar Goods jarred tomato sauce for homemade pizza, soups, casseroles, shakshouka, or as a chili base. Like homemade in a jar, the possibilities are endless—and always delicious.


Your new favorite brand of tomato sauce.

When it comes to a jar of tomato sauce, you certainly have a lot of options. That's why it's important to look at the label. The first ingredient in our jar of pasta sauce is tomatoes, as it should be.

We strongly believe that Jar Goods is the best jarred sauce you can get. Order today and put Jar Goods to a taste test. In just a few clicks, the best red sauce could be on its way to your home.

Classic red sauce

Jar Goods Classic Red is the perfect red sauce featuring tomatoes and basil, slow simmered to produce a robust tomato flavor. Classic Spicy is an arrabbiata sauce with just the right amount of spice from dried red peppers.

Creamy vodka sauce

If you are looking for the best vodka sauce in a jar, you're in luck. Jar Goods has two amazing vodka sauce varieties from which to choose. Classic Vodka is a savory vodka sauce with the perfect balance of big tomato flavor and indulgent heavy cream. Vegan vodka sauce replaces heavy cream with coconut milk to create a uniquely vegan twist on a traditional vodka sauce.

Pasta sauces

There's not much to it. Our clean label and slow simmer creates a simple sauce for pasta. Just open a jar.  You can try all four Italian tomato sauce flavors at once by ordering our Tomato Sauce Box Set. If you need more variety and customization, Build Your Own Tomato Sauce 6 Pack is just right for you! Jar Goods pasta sauces are sure to be your new favorite sauce.

Lasagna is a classic Italian dish that is even better when made with Jar Goods red sauceYour homemade gnocchi deserves the best red sauce