The Jar Goods Story

Laura & Melissa Vitelli Photo Courtesy of Many Kitchens

Laura & Melissa Vitelli
Photo Courtesy of Many Kitchens

Sisters-in-law Melissa and Laura Vitelli started Jar Goods with a clear mission - offer delicious, simple specialty foods in jars, stock-able in any pantry and ready in a pinch. Using an initial investment of $150, they began bottling Pa Vitelli's regionally famous tomato sauce by hand and branded it Classic Red. Jar Goods officially went to market in May 2013. Knowing the infamous saturation of the pasta sauce category, they thought it best to test the market before diving in. By selling at farmer's markets and street fairs, Melissa and Laura confirmed that there was indeed demand for Jar Goods and their gourmet Very Special Classic Red Tomato Sauce.

By employing grass-roots efforts and a can-do spirit, Jar Goods amassed a loyal local following and began getting Classic Red on store shelves. They graduated from self-produced to professionally packed. With the August 2015 release of Classic Vodka and Classic Spicy, Melissa and Laura continue their commitment to offering the best quality foods.